Ultra Music Festival stage footage surface less than a week before the event

It’s that time again… Miami Music Week! Yes, one of the biggest weeks in the electronic calendar is right around the corner, and fans worldwide are gathering to either attend some of the star-studded events that grace the American city, or watch on from the legendary live streams that dominate social media throughout the occasion. Although the week as a whole is the highlight, the pinnacle of each year’s festivities is Ultra Music Festival, and with a new location, the hype for this edition is at its peak. Now, footage of the pending festival main stage have surfaced, and things just got a little more exciting.

Lets start off by saying that you cannot compare festivals. Often you hear the “Tomorrowland is better/worse than Ultra because…” debate, with many other festivals thrown in alongside, of course. A big turning point in many arguments is the stage design, however what Ultra’s main stage lacks in comparable size to that of the Belgian festival, it more than makes up for in the incredible design features, and how it encompasses mass lighting into the production dynamic that the festival is renowned for. Recent footage shown via social media displays the ongoing build of the now-Virginia Key-based festival, following the move for this year, and though not much is given away you can certainly see plenty of work going in, and the outline of the design taking shape. The footage also displays the rest of the Virginia Key area, with numerous other arenas such as the Live Stage/A State Of Trance Arena and Ultra Worldwide Stage beginning to take shape.

With new additions such as the deadmau5 Cube 3.0 production, plus a brand new venue, you can be sure that this edition of Ultra Music Festival will go down in history, and the Main Stage will take front and centre. Check out the footage for yourself below!

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