Ultra Miami releases official statement regarding last night’s chaos

As attendees take to social media to express their anger regarding Ultra‘s issues with organization last night alongside the fire that broke out, further details have just emerged. According to the Miami Herald, there are reports that the fire was started by a rogue firework. This speculation alone has led to Ultra deciding not to let off any fireworks for the remainder of the festival, as they strive to put safety as their first priority. Now, the festival has released an official statement.

Further details have also come to light around the issues with shuttles and how Ultra plan to resolve the problems faced. According to reports, tens of thousands were left stranded during the night, before being forced to walk along the causeway to the mainland. Meanwhile, firefighters struggled to put out the fire which had broken out, as a tree erupted into flames nearby. This added another level to the stress of the attendees and the organisers, who struggled to keep everything under control.

Photo: Miami Herald

Ultra’s co-founder Russell Faibisch had this to say:

“Changes to the transportation plan are being implemented today. I’m hopeful that plan will be much improved and the City will not have more of a disruption than experienced yesterday and early this morning.”

According to reports, the festival’s organizers met emergency service officials this morning ahead of a press conference at Miami Marine Stadium. The festival organizers plan to adapt the bus route to make the service more seamless than it was last night.

Now, Ultra’s organizers have dropped an official statement that highlights their sorrow for last night’s chaos:

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