Zedd, Katy Perry – 365 (Zedd Remix)

Zedd is an artist who needs no introduction. The German-Russian producer has gained massive success over the years with mega hits such as ‘Clarity’ and more recent hit ‘The Middle’. Now – taking more of a pop direction – he has recruited singer Katy Perry for a mega collab (arguably his biggest yet) on the track 365′ and the numbers prove that this track was a smash hit, gaining over 42 million streams on Spotify and over 55 million views on YouTube. Giving his own track the remix treatment, Zedd has taken it upon himself to change up ‘365’, turning it into something completely new.

Taking the track in a more house direction is sure to please fans who have been following Zedd for a while, and gives newer fans a side to him never seen before. Although the remix does not completely lose the pop vibe, it focuses on the EDM side a lot more than the original. The drop features deep, dark, pulsating beats giving the song an underground club vibe and allowing it to captivate a whole new audience that may not have been reached by the original version.

Speaking of his reasoning behind remixing his own track, Zedd tweeted this:

I made a deep remix of “365” cause I’m currently really into that kind of music.

Listen to the Zedd remix of ‘365’ below and tell us what you think of it in the comments!

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