Alan Fitzpatrick & Camelphat – Liberation

Techno god Alan Fitzpatrick is someone who has been serving the EDM industry with hypnotizing tracks for years and years, and has rightfully earned the title of a legend. He is someone who isn’t afraid of collaborations, working with the likes of Adam Beyer, Wheats and Sasha over the course of his career and his latest musical adventure sees him partake in yet another collab, this time with the British duo Camelphat. Starting their careers in 2008 but fully exploding onto the scene with 2017 hit “Cola”, they have gone on to create a discography of hit after hit in forms of “Panic Room” and Breathe, and don’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon. Alan Fitzpatrick and Camelphat may not be the two most likely artists to work together but they have proved that they can create utter magic.

“Liberation” comes from the two-track EP by Alan Fitzpatrick and Camelphat, and is a techno lover’s dream come true. With the unmistakable signature Fitzpatrick sound carrying the track’s opening, Camelphat’s sound comes into play and turns the entire song on its head bringing something entirely different to compliment the tantalizing techno beats.

We’d been playing a lot of Alan’s music in our sets and his productions are seriously on point, so we just struck up a conversation over social media and sent him a folder of basic ideas. The big man picked two he liked and then hit the studio to put his signature sound on them. We’re both buzzing with the outcome.” – Camelphat.

Listen to the stunning new collaboration below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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