Alesso’s iconic remix of ‘If I Lose Myself’ turns 6 years old

‘Classic’. ‘Iconic’. ‘Timeless’. Those words are often thrown around to describe tracks that became loved, or held a special place amongst the electronic community. But are all of the many tracks branded as ‘iconic’ really worth the title? Can they be played 5, maybe 6 years down the line, and still make people jump, cry, and feel like they did the first time they heard it? Well, some tracks can and Alesso is the lucky man to have provided one, with his deservedly-titled ‘iconic remix’ of OneRepublic‘s ‘If I Lose Myself‘ turning 6 years old.

Though 2013 seems an age ago, the nostalgic value of this tracks makes you feel like it has only just passed. With the remix still sounding fresh to this day, and tearing up dance floors and festival fields across the globe even now, Alesso’s position amongst modern dance music greats is massively boosted by this track. ‘Calling‘ and ‘Years‘ came with similar success, but most Alesso fans will tell you that ‘If I Lose Myself‘ outdoes the rest, and sits firmly atop their ranked list of tracks. Everything about the track blissfully intertwines into a few packed minutes of euphoria. Pairing up the phenomenal vocals of the original track from Ryan Tedder with the impeccable instrumental – with a few simple tweaks in the early stages – Alesso keeps the majority of the track intact, but small, more electronic additions give the track a smooth feel in the buildup, with the famous drop flipping the original altogether into a progressive house banger.

Reminisce of the 2013 glory days by listening to Alesso’s ‘If I Lose Myself‘ remix below!

20 year old electronic music lover from the UK. Following all things progressive house, groove, and trance. Aspiring DJ/producer, and prog house nerd #ProgIsAlive

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