Origin Trilogy armin van buuren

Armin van Buuren & Shapov – La Résistance De L’Amour

During the last few months,  Shapov and Armin van Buuren, have been in the studio cooking up something magnificent. The result? A three-track EP called ‘Trilogy‘ that has been making people go nuts in dancefloors all around the world. Armin van Buuren keeps redefining trance and he is never been afraid of playing with different sounds and genres. A crossover between genres is nothing new for the Dutch legend, who has surprised fans this time with an epic collaboration with the Russian rising star, well known for his unique blend of progressive and electro house music.

The team-up tracks have received an overwhelming approval. Every track is energetic, with melodies that stick in your head and make you want to dance. After the success of “The Last Dancer” and “Our Origin”, “La Résistance De L’Amour” completes a pack with  3 very different pieces that work perfectly together. Seeing the reaction of the crowd when Armin played the track during ASOT 900 and ASOT Ultra, we can say that this track is on the way to being a dancefloor breaker like their previous collaborations.

Be sure to listen to the new track, with it’s gliding pads, catchy arpeggios, and beautiful harmonies.


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