Avicii’s best known tracks: How Tim became a global superstar

Within a competitive industry it is important you bring something new to the table, in order to drive your success. A USP – unique selling point – is the term used often in business to describe what aspect of a company makes them stand out from the crowd, and that applies in music. So many recycled sounds in emerging genres such as tech house and techno make it difficult to label any artist as ‘innovative’, similarly in most genres in fact, but bringing a brand new sound to an ever-developing scene is what makes for huge success, and back in the late 00’s when a young Tim Bergling came onto the scene, music changed forever. Avicii‘s birth as an artist was greatly received, whilst his death was all too premature. Looking back at the career of one of electronic music’s most loved and appreciated artists, We Rave You take an inside look at the Swede’s biggest tracks, and what projected him from bedroom producer to global phenomenon.

Seek Bromance – 17th October 2010

Featuring uncredited vocals from UK singer Amanda Wilson, ‘Seek Bromance‘ was one of Avicii’s first big tracks, hitting the charts worldwide. Released as a Tim Berg track – a shortened version of his real name – ‘Bromance‘ originally dropped without vocals, before being given lyrics from ‘Love U Seek‘ by Italian DJ Samuele Sartini, after which the now-famous version was released. ‘Seek Bromance‘ projected Avicii onto the scene, and from then on the young Swede was being closely observed.

Levels – 28th October 2011

Premiered on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix in December 2010, ‘Levels‘ was the track that took the Avicii name from EDM star to global talent. Featuring a sample from Etta James’ ‘Something’s Got a Hold On Me‘, the track soon became a symbol of electronic music to a commercial ear, as the ‘EDM’ craze spread across charts worldwide, with help from the likes of Calvin Harris and David Guetta. ‘Levels‘ bridged the gap between the segregated fanbases of pop music and electronic, and propelled Avicii’s sound and name to a new height.

Silhouettes – 27th April 2012

Silhouettes‘ followed up ‘Levels‘ impeccably, with Avicii producing what many still refer to as one of his greatest tracks ever. With vocals from Salem Al Fakir, the track featured a phenomenal chord stab that drives the track along with simple percussion, but the simplicity of ‘Silhouettes‘ is what made it such a special release. A unique track, but without the same chart success as its predecessor, ‘Silhouettes‘ is deeply embedded in the hearts of Avicii fans for good reason.

I Could Be The One – 26th December 2012

The ‘Nicktim’ collaboration ‘I Could Be The One‘ rounded off a huge 2012 for Avicii, with what turned into a long friendship with Nicky Romero providing a fitting end to an insane year. Though Avicii’s increased success took its toll on his health, his incredible strength and will power shone through as he continued to work, producing this masterpiece in the process. A firm favourite across the UK and many other European countries, the release was a symbol of the two rising stars – Romero and Bergling – and their undeniable work ethic and skill.

Wake Me Up – 17th June 2013

Premiered at Ultra in March earlier that year, the track came with mixed reviews from those unable to see beyond the conventional sound that was available at the time. ‘Wake Me Up‘ will always be remembered for its iconic blend of country and electronic music, with Avicii yet again bridging the genre divide. Featuring vocals from Aloe Blacc, the original premiere was accompanied with a live band, and though it was not well received by sections of the onlooking Ultra Miami crowd, ‘Wake Me Up‘ went on to become one of Avicii’s most successful releases.

Hey Brother – 9th October 2013

Initially released as part of Avicii’s first album True on 13th Sep 2013, ‘Hey Brother‘ was redistributed to radio stations worldwide, as the track began its climb to commercial success. With vocals from Dan Tyminski, the track topped both US and UK Dance charts, and peaked at the No. 2 spot in the UK main chart. This tracks release came as the second single from True, with yet another genre-crossing release bringing further success for Avicii.

Liar Liar (Avicii by Avicii Remix) – 24 March 2014

Released as part of Avicii’s remix album for True, titled Avicii by Avicii, the ‘Liar Liar‘ remix was arguably the best of the bunch, taking a pleasant commercial album track and transforming it into an infectious dance floor banger. The album symbolised the creative genius that Avicii was, by showcasing his ability to visualise tracks in numerous entities, and remixing them so well further emphasised his skill and natural ability.

Addicted To You (Remix) – 24 March 2014

The original release of ‘Addicted To You‘ featured on the True album, but was re-released on 27th November 2013 as a single, due to its later-apparent popular sound with the commercial crowd. Heading into the charts, the track was soon after remixed by David Guetta, alongside the inevitable Avicii by Avicii remix. The remix takes the track to a new level – up there with the ‘Liar Liar‘ remix – and gives the track a pure Avicii feel from start to finish.

The Nights – 1st December 2014

Released on Avicii’s ‘The Days/The Nights‘ EP, ‘The Nights‘ was a vocal track that featured on popular football game FIFA 15. Dropping on the game a couple of months prior to its release in December that year, ‘The Nights‘ soon became a fan favourite, with major chart coverage that saw the track dropped everywhere for months on end. The Avicii by Avicii Remix dropped in January 2015, but the original track took all the plaudits, even featuring as the victory track for some sports clubs.

Without You – 11 August 2017

Originally premiered at Ultra Miami as the intro track, ‘Without You‘ was released on the Avīci (01) EP, with a title that suggested that further music was to follow not long after. Featuring vocals from Sandro Cavazza, the track turned out to be of the very last that the Swede would release prior to his untimely death in April 2018. ‘Without You‘ was another showing of Avicii’s character, skill, and unrivalled ability, as the producer showcased his music to the world one last time. Later remixed by lifelong friend Otto Knows, ‘Without You‘ was a melodic masterpiece that is and always will hold a dear place in the hearts of all Avicii’s fans.

To quote the track:

My heart is beating I can’t see clear
How I’m wishing that you were here

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