Basto 2019

Basto – Your Love

Fans of Belgian producer Basto – real name Jef Martens – were delighted when it was announced, through posts on his social media accounts, that he would return from retirement at the end of July of 2018. Known for being on the cutting edge of EDM, Basto’s most famous releases include Gregory’s Theme” and “Again and Again” and he has produced many hits such as Azealia Banks‘ “212” (under the alias Lazy Jay) and and Britney Spears collab “Scream & Shout” and now, celebrating coming out of retirement, Basto has hit fans with another incredible release proving that he still has that magic touch.

“Your Love” is  injected with the classic Basto sound in the first few seconds, creating a nostalgic feel-good vibe that instantly sets a happy tone for the whole song. With uplifting lyrics accompanying a summer festival-worthy beat that pumps throughout the track consistently, it is clear that “Your Love” has all the ingredients to be just as huge as his previous releases.

A track worthy of being added to everyone’s summer playlists, this is Basto – Your Love.

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