Breakthrough Avicii anthem ‘Seek Bromance’ turns 9 years old

With many considering it as the track which gave birth to the entire ‘EDM’ movement, 2010’s ‘Seek Bromance‘ instantly catapulted itself into the mainstream, courtesy of a fresh-faced young Swede known as Tim Berg, or as he would later brand himself, Avicii. The teenage talent from Stockholm became one of the most influential figures in not just dance music, but also verged into pop as his career progressed, performing alongside Madonna as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and even receiving a name-check from then-USA president Barack Obama in one of his iconic speeches.

Released on this day 9 years ago, ‘Seek Bromance’ was the ultimate party-starter and a sign of things to come for Avicii, blessing the track with a hugely addictive hook, euphoria-packed drop, and high-tempo chord patterns. The track was later re-released with a stunning vocal, and a special Avicii Arena Mix.

With Tim following up the anthem with his Sebastien Drums collaboration ‘My Feelings For You’ and then, in 2011, the timeless ‘Levels’, a star was born. But today, we throw it right back to 2010 to relive this slice of nostalgic perfection! This is Tim Berg with ‘Seek Bromance’…

Music journalist, lover of house. Body in London, heart in Ibiza.

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