Cardi B teases potential Marshmello collaboration

It’s starting to seem highly likely that a Cardi B and Marshmello collaboration is in the works. This has been alluded to since this past February by Marshmello himself, according to recent reports. The American Rapper shot to fame in 2017 with her hit record ‘Bodak Yellow’. She then followed that up with a Grammy Award for her album ‘Invasion of Privacy’. Marshmello’s career has followed a similar trajectory, releasing his massive track ‘Silence’ in 2017, and following up last year with ‘Friends’, yet another massive hit.

This would no doubt be a massive record from two of the world’s hottest artists at the moment. Recently, Cardi has also posted on her Instagram with a further teaser of the potential for an upcoming collab. It leaves us in little doubt as to what could likely be one of the biggest tracks of the year.

We await with bated breath, further news on any potential track between the two megastars. This would certainly be a departure from Cardi’s sound, and a foray into the EDM sounds of Marshmello would be certain to garner massive interest worldwide.  In the meantime, you can check out Cardi B’s Instagram post below.

H/T: Billboard