Dog Blood Skrillex Boys Noize

Dog Blood return to Miami for action-packed Ultra set

Not until a few weeks ago, Dog Blood – made up of SkrillexBoys Noize – put an end to their more than year-long hiatus by performing at Buku Music Festival. However, it seemed that the Dog Blood boys had been saving their ultimate comeback for Ultra this past weekend over at Miami. What they had prepared for their appearance was a staggering seven unreleased IDs ready for the show, and oh did they make sure not to disappoint.

While Dog Blood had been already teasing a few of these tunes online and in shows these past weeks, they went full-gear on Friday, and it became pretty clear that Skrillex wasn’t just packing up on an extensive amount of unreleased music for his main project, but building up a fiery repertoire for the Dog Blood project that has electronic fans around the world on their toes.

Joining forces at Ultra meant a lot of things but the most provoking and essential asset was that there was going to be a plethora of musical experimentation. The duo followed up their performance by releasing one of those tunes titled “Turn Off The Lights“, and Skrillex took to Twitter to promise “3 more proper” Dog Blood songs soon. A unique sense of style and creativity uncommonly matched or recreated, Dog Blood’s innovative performance set the standard to which any electronic artist should aspire to; giving them the headlights proved to be worthwhile… although you can be the one to judge by having a listen right here.

Relive Dog Blood’s magical set here.