Eric Prydz classic ‘Generate’ turns 4 years old

These days, the name Eric Prydz is more closely associated with his jaw-dropping live shows, where events like EPIC, HOLO, and this summer – VOID – wow audiences with their holographic visuals and awe-inspiring laser beams. But away from his life as a DJ, Prydz has also amassed a sensational reputation as one of the finest dance music producers of all time. One of his most popular hits came in the shape of ‘Generate‘ which was released on this day in 2015.

Turning almost half a decade old, it is tough to believe that a full 4 years have passed since this had production filled with infectious rhythms first hit our playlists! With addictive vocals effortlessly blending with the emotive melody, the track instantly makes a huge impact on the listener.

‘Generate’ also featured on Eric Prydz’s 2016 album ‘Opus‘, which achieved widespread success. The album also featured hits including ‘Every Day’, and Liberate’. 

Check out the Prydz classic, ‘Generate’, below:

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