Fisher’s ‘Losing It’ and how it would sound if produced by somebody else

The number 1 played song of 2018, based on the world leading DJ tracklist database, was none other than ‘Losing It’ by Fisher. The catchy tech house track was played in nearly 400 sets last year making it a huge success around the world. There was probably no event where the song wasn’t played.

But what if the track would not have been produced by Fisher, but Martin Garrix, Brooks, Excision, marshmello or Vini Vici? How would it sound?

Italian DJ and producer ANGEMI has the answer in a recently uploaded video where he reimagined Fishers ‘Losing It’. Check it out below and let us know in the comments: Is there a better version? Is it just right as it is? What would you have done differently?


How would "Losing It" sounds if it was made by Martin Garrix, Brooks , Excision , marshmello or Vini Vici? ANGEMI knows it!What's your favourite version? Share + Comment and let me know!

Posted by ANGEMI on Friday, April 26, 2019

Flying in Trance heaven and raving in Techno warehouses.

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