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Exclusive interview: Cave Studio discuss their inspirations, future plans & more

We Rave You has had the honour to interview the most promising future talent from Italy, Nicolas and Daniele, the two young guys behind the electronic project Cave Studio. With a distinctive and varied sound, Cave Studio has evolved and developed receiving plenty of support from artists as big as Malaa & Tchami.

However, this success hasn’t come out of nowhere. The two protégés worked their way up through hard work and putting lots of effort and passion in every single one of their projects. Starting out making some remixes of house and underground songs, these genres drew an important influence on their music since the very beginning. Those remixes also helped them start their own original songs that successfully led them to collaborate with other producers and grow as artists.

In one of these ventures, Cave Studio joined forces with another talented group, the French duo Rollerz, with whom they immediately found an excellent feeling and response. After a long and meticulous project, the first of the two tracks produced in collaboration, ‘DEA’, concluded with a release on Tchami‘s Confession Label, within the album ‘Alchemy IV’. On top of this, the continuous support from Malaa allowed their track ‘Switch Up‘ to be published on the New York label, Uprise Music.

Cave Studio have definitely started 2019 with an explosive charge ready to take over the main electronic scene. Nicolas and Daniele have decided to make the next move on their careers so let’s not lose sight of them because the duo is here to stay. We had the chance to ask them about their past, present and future and this is what they told us:

Can you tell us about your careers so far within the music industry? What made you decide to start producing music?

Before starting this project, we were just two friends who liked to do DJ sets sometimes in the local discos or at our friendsʼ parties. After a few occasions where we played together, we met one night in a club with some friends and started talking about music. Here we discovered our passion in common for this niche movement that was being created around bass house music and tech house, and after exchanging names of producers, DJs, tracks, an so on, we said: “We should start producing this kind of music!” Without a studio and with not too much equipment, we decide to start this musical project. Building the studio was an enormous sacrifice, we made it by ourselves, and a few months later we started producing our first tracks.

What makes the two of you such a great team as producers?

The benefit of being in two in this project is that we can put together more ideas and different points of view of the same thing, even if we talk about our productions, our social media, and everything about Cave Studio, always following a common passion and goal. In fact, from the beginning a perfect alchemy was immediately created. For sure this allowed us to work much better and focus on the details, always trying to create something unique.

Who are your biggest inspirations in the music industry? Do any of these artists inspire your style in any way?

We have two quite different pasts on our musical influences, and always listened to different musical genres, until we met on house music. This is one of our strengths, since the musical influences are so varied we can take inspiration from a lot of genres, from hip hop to jazz, up to the real house music. We vary a lot in the music that we both listen to, we are able to draw inspiration from various artists of various genres, and this makes us love music in all its forms, which is a very important thing for production. We follow this musical current, but we try in any case to create our own style.

How did your release on Tchami’s Confession label come about?

We actually had very clear ideas from the beginning about what we wanted to create with this track. We were looking for something that would combine more musical genres and have a very aggressive style. The demo came into the hands of Tchamiʼs Label and the first response was given to us while we were on holiday. It was a big surprise for both of us. Then after signing the contracts we had the second piece of news, that the track would be published within the album “Alchemy IV”. Becoming part of this label has always been our goal, we are truly proud of all the time we dedicated to this track and very happy with the enthusiasm that has been created around. A big shout out goes to Tchami and to all the Confession team for appreciating our sound and for this opportunity.

You’ve had clear links with both Tchami and Malaa during your careers so far, do you plan to continue working closely with them?

For sure! It was an unexpected pleasure to receive their support, we always admired them, and we are passionate about this kind of music also thanks to them. They are two important producers in this music scene, they are creating a real movement around house music, starting from their mother country expanding all over the world. This opportunity has encouraged us to continue producing new tracks and always looking for innovation in each. So, we’re working to bring out the best of Cave Studio. It would be a pleasure to see another of our tracks on an important label such as Confession.

Congrats on your recent release ‘Switch Up’ on Uprise Music. Like many of your other tracks, it’s incredibly dark and packed with energy, is this a style you set out to achieve when you start your production process on each track?

Thank you very much, we are very proud of this last song we produced together with our French friends Rollerz. The sounds, as you said, are very dark and energetic, in fact this style has influenced us a lot also for the songs we are producing. Each track has its own story, it depends on how we want to structure it and then, based on this, we begin to write the first ideas. However we want to keep this style quite dark, mixing it with other genres, even if, at times, they are far from house music.

The release also marks your second collaboration with French duo Rollerz. How did collaborating with them come about? What makes the four of you such a great combination in the studio?

We got in touch about a year and a half ago, we were looking for an artist to collaborate with and we immediately found an excellent harmony together. After sending some of our ideas, they immediately enjoyed our demos and started working on them. Obviously the distance factor did not allow us to be physically in the studio together with them, but we were still able to complete two good big projects.

Despite carrying a unique signature sound throughout your catalogue of releases, each of your tracks is completely diverse. Do you enjoy experimenting with new styles in the studio?

Of course, this is one of the things we like to do the most when we are in the studio. Each of us puts an idea and then it is reviewed until we find the perfect sound. Sometimes we spend much more time on a certain sound, even for one / two hours, and then afterwards we take inspiration on the whole track so we are more inspired to conclude the project.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2019? Are there any upcoming releases you can tell us about?

2019 started out great, we had two important releases for our career, we still have many tracks to publish, some of them with some important labels. The best way to find out is to follow us on the pages of our social media where we publish our upcoming news and all the previews of our songs. We are also planning dates around Italy, but even this will be a nice surprise. We want to say thanks to all the We Rave You team for giving us this wonderful interview, see you soon.

Ciao! Cave Studio.

Born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), Pol's passion for dance music has brought him to London (UK), where he combines his role at We Rave You with his job as Account Manager at Festicket. Favourite genres: Emotional progressive house, future bass and electro pop.

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