LÏBRÏA – Rollin’

Young Italian upcoming producer LÏBRÏA, also known as Andrea Clementi, has just released his first original track Rollin under his new artist name. Music has been a big part of his life ever since he started playing guitar at the age of 10, later on he was playing in different bands, writing songs and by the age of 18, he had made his first big step into the EDM scene with a Linkin Park remix. He started releasing original tracks and official remixes, which were supported by many big names like Avicii, Cedric Gervais, Sam Feldt, Wolfgang Gartner and many more. After he was forced to change his artist name he decided, that he would start something completely new, fresh and different from the current trends and mainstream producers.

The artist is preparing a whole series of releases that will be exploring the complexity of Bass House. Rollin’ is an energetic song, full of different sounds, vocals, bass and has a really nice electric vibe.

“125 bpm, hard hitting steel drums with ominous atmospheres and gritty basses, suitable for illegal parties, doing 90 in a 30 and uncontrolled raging, this track is a must have.It describes very well how I feel right now. I’m angry, ready to raise a hell, and this track and the next to come are a proof of this.” – LÏBRÏA

With his upcoming releases, the Italian producer is promising that the audience will hear something they have never heard before, something that they never even expected to exist.

Listen to ‘Rollin’ below:

23 year old Slovenian currently living in Amsterdam. Pursuing my dreams of working behind the scenes of music industry by studying International Music Management.

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