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Martin Garrix, Macklemore & Patrick Stump – Summer Days

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Dutch producer Martin Garrix is always pushing the boundaries of EDM. From pure earth-shaking EDM anthems, to mainstream mega collaborations, he knows how to produce hit after hit and thanks to a fast rise in fame he now has a big pool of famous faces who are eager to jump on a Martin Garrix track. If you’re longing for the summer season then thanks to Martin’s latest single, you may not need to wait much longer. “Summer Days” is arguably the young DJ’s most ambitious collab yet with not one, but two big name artists.

Roping in rapper Macklemore and singer Patrick Stump – of Fall Out Boy fame – to provide silky smooth vocals, the two vocalists bounce between their signature styles, with Patrick Stump singing flawless falsetto and Macklemore rapping effortlessly, providing the track with refreshing diversity whilst perfectly blending the two styles together. Starting the track off with a simple note that gradually grows, it wouldn’t be surprising if Daft Punk was one of Martin’s inspirations for “Summer Days”, with the plucky guitar sounds sounding like they have been pulled straight out of the world of the French duo. If one thing is clear from this track, it’s that Martin Garrix is an extremely versatile artist and can create a hit in any area of the music world.

“Martin’s a hell of a producer and really knows his stuff. I was also pretty amped to hear Macklemore was involved as well. All in all, a fun project to work on.” – Patrick Stump

Listen to the refreshing new track “Summer Days”, out now on Martin Garrix owned label STMPD RCRDS!

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