Milton 9

Milton Nine – Glow

Packing years and years of experience in performing and writing tracks, it was only a matter of time that the Milton Nine duo actually got down to release music off of their own production desk. Comprising of Stephen and Marnie, the Milton Nine duo, who have been part of the industry for long, see 2019 mark a new milestone in their journey as producers. Out to claim their bit of the limelight, the two producers – who are well versed with supplying vocals, playing the guitar, and writing and producing music in the industry – have already released two tracks for the charts. While ‘Mission 68‘ – the duo’s second single, has impressed immensely with its sheer drive, we take a look at Milton Nine’s peppy debut single titled ‘Glow’.

Built on pure melodic energy, ‘Glow’ marks a more than ideal start for the production duo’s career on the charts. Founded on a solid and steady beat-work, the track benefits from a sharp yet playful melody and the adept use of violin and synth patches to complement the production’s upbeat nature stands out quite well. While it may be one thing to produce a good track and completely another to make it an enjoyable experience for the listener, ‘Glow’ is a standout study for budding producers to appreciate combining both these aspects. An inventive production in its essence and one that introduces them to the music scene, ‘Glow’ is a well-crafted debut single from the Milton Nine duo.

You can purchase ‘Glow’ from iTunes here or stream on Spotify here.

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