Naeleck – Take a Sip Remixes EP

A curious entity on his own, French born, Tokyo based act Naeleck has become one of the few artists who truly fit the billing when it comes to being a globally recognized phenomena. The one-time French DJ who later ventured into production, Naeleck has showcased real promise with the heavier side of electronic music. The real turn of events was when his tracks started getting recognition on some of the biggest imprints in France and Japan – the latter being the country that has arguably made him one of their own. The month of January saw Naeleck kick off the year with a stellar release titled ‘Take A Sip‘ featuring Nantes-based artist FERD and rapper Viking N3.

While under review, the track was hailed as one that didn’t feature ‘unnecessary aggressive dubstep elements’ but preferred to showcase a ‘unique ambiance’ that was built around Viking N3’s vocal shift. Already considered a relative success, Naeleck is back to the charts with a sumptuous remix EP for the track that features exciting renditions from some of the most inventive producers in the game. The 5-track EP commences with a remix from American duo Dodge & Fuski, who build on Viking N3’s peppy vocals to deliver a great electro flip that takes no prisoners while borrowing from dubstep.

Following suit is a remix from Los Angeles based producer ETC!ETC!. In ETC!ETC!’s remix we see a relatively soft beginning, while still relying on the brilliant vocal shift from Viking N3. As the track builds into its own, the LA based producer delivers a crafty ‘drop’ on both ends of the track – first showcasing an irregular ‘liquid’ sort of dubstep beat-work and then switching it all up with a more hard-hitting drop that is sure to get the dance floors going. The third remix on the EP comes from Trapcity regular 8Er$. The Lyon based producer uses a more upbeat approach to the original in order to get the most out of the vocals and delivers an all encapsulating bass-laced drop that hits all the right chords with its enchanting melody – making it, arguably, the best of the bunch.

As we move towards the end of the EP, the last but one remix is from French producer JDR. JDR’s remix adopts the dubstep style so entrenched in the original and bends it in all directions to craft a remix into his own imagination – paying great attention to the tempo of the track and utilizing the vocals adeptly. Last on the EP, it is a remix from Tokyo based producer Tha Boogie Bandit. The Japanese producer kills the tempo of the original with serenading, laid-back beats which add a wholly new and refreshing outlook toward the original. All in all, an impressive bunch of remixes that, more than anything, highlight the talent of the Naeleck, FERD and Viking N3, the ‘Take A Sip’ remixes EP is full of inventiveness from the partaking producers.

You can purchase the Remixes EP from iTunes here.

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