Newclaess & Matluck – Wherever We Are

DJ duo Newclaess are two people who have been mega successful in leaving their mark on the EDM industry. Generating millions of streams on Spotify yearly, they are known as one of the top rising artists on the platform and by listening to their catchy tracks it is incredibly clear to see why. Made to blast out loud through the biggest speakers, their releases are the perfect balance of easy listening and energetic vibes. The duo have roped in singer-songwriter Max Matluck – simply known as Matluck – for their latest track, and without even listening to the track it is clear that it has all the star qualities needed to be a massive hit. Matluck has had a career of insane achievements so far, working with the likes of Nicky RomeroMatisse & Sadko and Dzeko to name just a few, and now he can add Newclaess to that list.

“Wherever We Are” exudes nothing but happy vibes from the moment it starts playing, with uplifting and light beats that carry on throughout the whole track. The song is elevated to new heights when Matluck’s dreamy vocals kick in and paired with a euphoric drop, this is a match made in heaven.

Listen to Newclaess & Matluck – “Wherever We Are” below!

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