Captivating ‘We Are The Night’ documentary released to celebrate 10th anniversary

It is without doubt that photography and filming now plays a hugely influential part in and around dance music productions. The industry has seen production companies and creatives flock to take advantage of the scenes’ visual potential, including Utrecht-based company We Are The Night. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary last year in 2018, the visual content specialists have newly released an insightful documentary into the company’s illustrious growth, demonstrating how they have journeyed from photography to video, following artists, events and brands across the world to help tell their stories.

It sees various stakeholders detail the beginnings of the company, including Tijs Verwest, better known, of course, as Tiësto. His former personal camera man Wilco Jung alongside Olaf Veldkamp led the platform through it’s early days, starting by taking photos at parties and uploading them to one of the early “party websites” Travelling with the likes of Tiësto, they developed their trade and picking up more clients along the way to lay the foundations of We Are The Night.

Premiered on April 4th in Utrecht, the documentary delves into the highs and lows of the We Are The Night story, as the company has had to re-invent itself over the years in order to keep itself functioning and relevant. With a strong passion for dance music, the company still thrives as a successful marketing agency.

The captivating documentary is now available to watch online and you can watch it below!


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