Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens accuses DJ’s of buying fake views

World-renowned producer and DJ Oliver Heldens – fresh off his eclectic Miami performance – recently accused in a now-deleted tweet a bunch of “big DJs” for buying fake views on their uploaded DJ sets, claiming that he sees this trend every year. Further stating that he refuses to engage in such actions because it’s “very easy to recognize the fake views (view/like/comment ratio)”, Heldens begs the question as to why people do it.

It portrays an image of popularity that can somewhat translate into more bookings and offerings, providing a platform to further their career. But, according to Oliver Heldens, people aren’t “stupid”, so the moment they catch these artists, the perpetrators lose any sense of legitimacy, even if the publicists or managers are the ones doing so. Furthermore, a DJ separates their artistry from their growth, slowly but surely removing much significance from their work and focusing on un-authentic statistics to provide a false self of validation. That being said, while it may seem enticing to fall into an inorganic process of growth because it offers short-term gain, one must revisit their initial purpose and understand that inauthenticity is not sustainable. And as corny as it may sound, let the music do the talking.

When asked to reveal the names of those who allegedly bought fake views, Heldens declined, citing the possible managerial influences which may influence the DJs’ decisions.