We Rave You: Oliver Heldens - Ultra Miami 2019

Relive the euphoria of this Oliver Heldens set at Ultra Miami

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Oliver Heldens has been nothing but brilliant since his entry into the EDM scene back in 2013. His music, his sets and anything he lays his hands on turns to pure euphoria, and that’s including his mainstage Ultra Miami set from the weekend. The dutch producer gave us a full-on energetic, bouncy and wild set, which we just can’t get enough of!

Opening his set, with a bright sky and a full crowd – he kicks things of with ‘Rocking with the Best’ which put the crowd straight up in to the air. This was followed up with a few new IDs which we are yet to discover, definitely a grand surprise from Heldens!

From the bounce, to the groove, to the tracks we just can’t get enough of, Oliver Heldens set provided it all! And with the set coming towards the end, the stage lit up the night-sky, all ready for his final track ‘Bonkers‘! The atmosphere was completely unreal, if you were there or if you’re watching it back online – The feeling is intense, it’s just pure euphoria.

Check out the full track list to this set by clicking here, but to really re-live the experience, watch below!