Spotify reveals behind the scenes video regarding Avicii’s album release

In exactly 2 weeks from now, it’ll already be a year since one of the best music talents that ever existed passed away. During this year, it’s not been a single day that the music community hasn’t missed Avicii and his incredible music. A massive amount of artists and fans from all kinds of music styles have continuously paid tribute to Avicii. The Swedish icon was that kind of artist to transcend genres, trends and generations with a unique sound and personality that make him and his music unimitable and eternal.

After intense discussions about his music would or not be released, recently, we were highly surprised by the shocking news announcing Avicii’s album ‘Tim’ being released on June 6th. This news took everyone by surprise as there were songs yet to be finished and not everyone understood or agreed on the decision of releasing this album. Now, Spotify Sweden has decided to take a step forward sharing with the world the different reasons that made his family and label take that decision.

Through their Facebook account, Spotify Sweden has shared an exclusive behind the scenes video featuring Avicii’s father Klas Bergling,  album collaborators including Albin Nedler, Carl Falk and Salem Al Fakir and the President of Universal Music Nordic, Per Sundin. In it, they explain the initial plan of releasing a 16 songs album and how after Avicii died they intended to finish the tracks the way Avicii would’ve loved. They also stated that they don’t intend to release Avicii’s biggest tracks but to continue with his legacy and his will to satisfy all his fans worldwide. Avicii’s family has decided to name the upcoming album ‘Tim’.

This album announcement has raised an incredible expectancy in the entire music community that is eager to hear the exclusive material from the Swedish legend. Apart from the debate behind if the release should’ve been done or not, what it is sure is that these are the last pieces of new music that we’ll hear from Avicii and so, everyone will enjoy this unique album.

Watch Spotify’s video below:

Avicii – Tim

En samling av Aviciis osläppta musik håller på att sättas samman av hans vänner och familj. Singeln "SOS" feat. Aloe Blacc släpps 10:e april 21:00 och albumet "TIM" 6:e juni. Vi är hedrade att snart kunna dela dem med er.Om du eller någon i din omgivning mår dåligt, så finns hjälp på www.loveislouder.com/prevent

Posted by Spotify on Friday, April 5, 2019

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