Tiësto – Together

It’s no secret that Musical Freedom record label boss Tiësto is one of the leaders of the EDM world. With a career starting in 1994, he is arguably one of the most seasoned DJ’s in the industry today. From anthems such as “Adagio for Strings” to “Jackie Chan”, the Dutch mastermind proves that he is an extremely versatile producer, constantly playing with different styles whilst still retaining that magical Tiësto vibe that fans know and love, and his latest release is no different. Eight-track EP “Together” is a whirlwind of collaborations – as the name suggests – from multiple DJ’s who all bring something new to each explosive track. Roping in producers such as AazarSikdope and Dzeko proves that Tiësto means business.

Dzeko collab “Halfway There” sets the tone for the rest of the EP extremely quickly. With an exciting build-up dissolving into a hard-hitting drop tailored just for massive festival crowds, this track has all the elements needed to top the EDM charts. The tracks “Party Time”“Lose Control” and “Diamonds” all bring the unapologetic, punching beats, entertaining a whole new audience of EDM fans. With some of these tracks being premiered as early as last years edition of Tomorrowland, Tiësto has kept fans on the edges of their seats for a while but from just one listen it’s clear that the wait was more than worth it.

Listen to all the tracks from Tiësto – Together below!

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