Axwell’s remix of ‘Tokyo By Night’ turns 5 years old

Fans of the legendary DJ, producer and electronic dance music pioneer Axwell will no doubt be excited to see him perform soon together with Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso as Swedish House Mafia finally kick off their highly anticipated 2019 world tour in Stockholm.

5 years ago in 2014, Axwell released his remix of Hook N Sling‘s ‘Tokyo By Night’, taking the vocal performance of Swedish singer and songwriter Karin Park and transforming the song into an instant progressive classic, defined by its memorable melodies and impeccable production quality. After releasing the remix on his label Axtone, Axwell’s remix went on to become one of the most iconic pieces of electronic dance music to date, as many DJs still play it in their live sets and it is often regarded as one of the best ever progressive house songs.

The acapella version for ‘Tokyo By Night’ would go on to be released in Axtone’s ‘Acapella’s vol. 3’ in 2016. Opening up the possibility for producers all around the world to give their own take to one of the finest records Axtone has ever released. A track surely to be relished over for years to come, Axwell’s remix of ‘Tokyo By Night’ will carry on as a symbol of everything progressive house is and stands for.

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