Billie Ellish – Bad Guy (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix)

Dutch EDM mastermind Tiësto is back with another release, this time he is bringing us a remix of the amazingly popular song ‘Bad Guy’, by the 17-year old American pop singer Billie Eilish. The talented DJ and producer has been keeping himself very busy lately, with a fresh EP ‘Together’, released less than a month ago, headlining different festivals and events all around the world and working on new, exciting projects on his label Musical Freedom, he has definitely been on a roll these past months.

The dark, electro/pop crossover hit ‘Bad Guy’ already has more than 224 million streams on Spotify and more than 135 million views of the original music video posted on YouTube. The big room remix that Tiësto spontaneously made as he tweeted a few days ago combines the best of both pop and EDM world. It keeps the powerful vocals in their original form, adds a lot of bass, energy and groove to it, makes it a bit harder, but also nicely preserves the dark vibe of the track, which makes it so special.

The remix will definitely be a part of many DJ set lists at the upcoming festivals and club events in the following months and will make you want to dance, with its groovy nature, no matter where you are. You can listen to it below:


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