Cloe Terare – Take Me Home

If you like Lo-fi music you can press play on this track and start smiling while reading this…

We Rave You brings you the first release of Australian singer-songwriter Cloe Terare. The artist grew up in Brisbane surrounded by music.  Being involved with performing her whole life, and with a  growing interest in lo-fi sounds, she decided to start collaborating with producers to create a new type of music. “Take me home” comes with a music video that will be out next month, and it’s the first one of several tracks that will be released throughout this year.

The song is set in a ‘dreamy’ tone and has strong moody vibes, paired with high harmonies. Cloe wrote it from the perspective of breaking through toxic relationships. The lyrics symbolize isolation and desperation, along with contrasting confidence and self-awareness Having struggled through high school with depression, the artists used writing as an outlet, and knowing these emotions can easily be tangled up within a difficult relationship, she made it a theme of the song.

Aiming to inspire and empower the listener, “Take Me Home” highlights the ability we all have to regain power and accept the best parts of each one of us.

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