Dotcom feat. Lil Toe – Gang Sh*t

Dotcom has appeared to be pretty busy during the past few years. Traveling all over the country, headlining the biggest festivals and producing leading tracks, the artist widely recognized as the man under the Marshmello helmet, Christopher Comstock, hasn’t released a formal track under his original artist name of Dotcom since 2015.

Dotcom has unveiled ‘Gang Sh*t‘ featuring Lil Toe which was released on May 17th. He made the official announcement on his Twitter account.

The music video for the track was made available once it was officially released. The music video takes place in what appears to be a home in which the residents take over the premises and overthrow the caregivers. In the music video, viewers will find appearances from Casey Frey, Nick Coletti, and a handful of other popular Twitter, YouTube and other social media personalities. The track serves as a harder version of his style, instead of some of the main stage bangers Marshmello has become known for. The feature of Lil Toe in this track guarantees that the song will have a little edge to it.

‘Gang Sh*t’ by Dotcom feat. Lil Toe can be streamed/download on all musical platforms. The music video can be viewed below.