Eric Prydz hits London with mindblowing HOLO show at Creamfields Steel Yard

We know very few artists that have that personality, position, character and power to become true legends for the quality of their music, their leadership in innovation, their ability to inspire multiple generations and their ability to keep their icon status over time. Those artists with the capacity to sell-out arenas gathering people from everywhere in the world while showcasing absolute dominance in every single one of their performances. In this regard, Eric Prydz is undoubtedly one of them and his recent London HOLO show was a solid proof of it.

After a magisterial 2017 HOLO 5.0 edition that took place in Victoria Park, the highly anticipated show returned, bringing the Steel Yard structure this time to Finsbury Park. Being announced back on October, its response was as huge as expected. The show sold out an available 15,000 tickets in a record time of 72 hours, which is truly impressive considering the event was still 7 months away. The hype was enormous as this would be the anticipated teaser for what is going to be seen in the next Creamfields edition in August 2019, so everyone wanted to be part of it. The lucky attendants experienced what was a truly inspirational show.

The day started in a hot and sunny London day. The fans gathered at the entrance started to come in as the show opened its doors when the clock struck 1pm. As time went by, we saw amazing performances by great artists like Alan Fitzpatrick and Cristoph. It was evening time and the iconic stage started to fill. The last warm-up set of the day by George Fitzgerald B2B Tiga was coming to an end and the crowd knew exactly what was going to happen next. A half-hour break was a long and tense wait for an excited crowd who had been waiting for this moment for months and months. Suddenly, the lights went off and background music could be heard. The moment arrived. The legend was here.

Eric Prydz took over the stage kicking off his set, as always, with a couple of Pryda IDs that showcased the first holograms of the evening with a gigantic 3D cube that felt like you could even touch it. An impressive number of mobile phones could be seen all over the arena trying to capture every moment of this spectacular visual display.  The crowd couldn’t even believe what they were seeing as Eric combined astonishing holograms with more amazing exclusive IDs dedicated to this epic show including one from Cirez D, his musical project along with techno producer Adam Beyer.

Having surpassed the first hour of the performance, Eric continued to amaze a truly mesmerised crowd by playing an amazing mashup of his track ‘Genesis’ with the classic ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics. As a huge Jupiter hologram lightened up the stage, a completely dedicated crowd sang the acapella so loud that it was difficult to listen to the instrumental. He went on playing his emotional and astonishing ‘NOPUS’ ID that attendants absolutely loved. After such a crazy reaction by the crowd, it was expected that the energy level would decrease but Eric knows perfectly how to keep the crowd engaged and presented a savage unexpected laser show that was perfectly timed and coordinated with his epic Pryda Terminal 5 ID track that completely tore the Steel Yard structure apart. People went crazy as the Swedish maestro kept on dropping epic tunes, this time with his impressive remix of Camelphat and Cristoph track ‘Breathe’.

After so much euphoria, Prydz decided to turn the set a bit more melancholic and emotional. In every single one of his sets, Eric pays tribute to the memory of his greatest fan, James Lillo who tragically passed away 3 years ago after a long battle against cancer. After the passing, Eric decided to pay his respect with his favourite tool, music, producing a song titled ‘Lillo’. This time, in one of his biggest performances, Eric demonstrated the great persona he is and did not forget about him either.

Leaving emotions behind, Prydz presented us the last track of his unforgettable set welcoming a spectacular gigantic astronaut as we started to hear the melodies from his classic ‘Pjanoo’ track. Suddenly, both music and holograms disappeared and ‘Every Day‘ kicked in. The reaction of the crowd was priceless. 15,000 people became one singing acapella the majestic track and bounced one last time putting the best of ends to an incredible and legendary 2-hour set.

Eric Prydz Presents HOLO was a truly mindblowing performance. Eric took everyone into a journey that was not only a visual but a 5 sense experience in its full meaning. The Swedish God has showcased what the future of music entertainment looks like and has become a true pioneer and innovator in the live scene field. We’re not the only ones still buzzing from this amazing event but we can’t wait to see what the Swedish prodigy has in store now for us. After all, this has only been a demo version of what people can expect at a major scale at Creamfields. Considering that, it’s scary to think about what we can witness in slightly less than 3 months in Daresbury.


Born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), Pol's passion for dance music has brought him to London (UK), where he combines his role at We Rave You with his job as Account Manager at Festicket. Favourite genres: Emotional progressive house, future bass and electro pop.