FISHER releases ‘Losing It’ followup ‘You Little Beauty’

Australian DJ and producer FISHER was no doubt one of the biggest success stories of 2018, with his massive tech house tune ‘Losing It’ becoming a summer hit and being supported by thousands of DJs worldwide. The fresh sound FISHER brought to the table also earned him a historic Grammy nomination. Despite not releasing any new music since ‘Losing It’, FISHER was able to keep his momentum sky-high thanks to some incredible live performances, like his most recent one at Coachella 2019, and his online antics. His long-awaited followup to ‘Losing It’, ‘You Little Beauty’ yet another tech house banger featuring an infectious vocal sample of late disco singer Loleatta Holloway. Here is what FISHER had to say about the song:

“You little beauty is basically what we always say on Gold Coast is when everyone’s going mad, or having fun, or doing something goofy – you just say you little beauty. I basically just made that song and I thought, what can I call it? And I thought, ‘You Little Beauty.'”

“The vocal itself is so amazing, all I wanted to do was just put my FISHER charm to it really, and I just wanted to make a big old bass line, put some hats and a good old kick, and away we went.”

He also revealed some of the history behind the track, which has grown to become a key highlight of his sets.

‘Finding Anything About Your Little Beauty’ was the first track that I ever made under FISHER. I’ve had that song for about two years, and I’ve been playing it in my sets for about two years now. It was just getting the vocal clean, the sample. Obviously, we got that over the line now, but it’s still one of my favourite tracks I’ve ever made.”

Be sure to check out the infectious ‘You Little Beauty’ via the YouTube link below.

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