Gouryella – Surga

Regarded as a pioneer in the trance scene, Dutch producer Ferry Corsten has released many big tracks since the 1990s that helped push trance into what it is today. Having created tracks under many different aliases such as GouryellaSystem F and Pulp Victim, Ferry Corsten is someone who constantly pushes the Boundaries of EDM and has recently decided to bring back beloved alias Gouryella. Originally starting as a duo production with Tiësto, Ferry Corsten went ahead on his own with the project and continued to release many more successful tracks under Gouryella but the project was put to the side for many years, until now.

‘Surga’ is the track that old-school trance fans will instantly fall in love with. Taking the listener on a nostalgia trip back to the biggest glory days of trance, Ferry Corsten has managed to encapsulate everything that makes trance special in one track. Featuring pulsating beats layered on top of melodic notes that are blended together beautifully, this track proves that Ferry can create a track that feels simultaneously classic whilst also representative of the present state of music.

Tying the track together with orchestral sounds, Ferry Corsten has managed to create another beautiful piece of Gouryella artwork which will no doubt dominate the trance world for the foreseeable future. ‘Surga’ is out now via Flashover Recordings.

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