Jarvis – The Bro Code

It looks like the prayers of brostep fans have been heard. British producer Jarvis is here ready to revitalize this lurching and aggressive variant of dubstep that proved so commercially successful around 2011. For those who enjoyed the early sounds of Skrillex, you are going to love it!

In his new EP, The Bro Code,  Jarvis brings us pulse-quickening basslines, serrating synths and unexpected melodies to create a personal style that is aggressive, distinct and it will definitely make you dance! This hard-hitter is out now on Firepower Records, and it features recently released tracks “Death Rave” and “Reborn” as well as the previously unheard “New Dimension” and “Moombruh“.

After winning 1st prize in the remix competition for Datsik’s “Katana” in the summer of 2015 Jarvis has been working hard developing his sound, releasing 4 EP’s, and 4 singles with the prestigious Firepower Records. Having amassed a loyal following of listeners, the UK producer is on a mission, reviving the Brostep movement.

“As the legend goes, when the Phoenix resurrects from the flames, it is even more beautiful than before.”

Armed with the hashtag #BringBackBrostep and a list of commandments for every brostep lover to live by called the #BroCode. It spans a myriad of unspoken rules between bros, touching on everything from DJ etiquette to fashion do’s and don’ts to rave rules. Jarvis means to use the #BroCode to unite the scene in these divided times, bringing people together to enjoy the universal religion that is electronic music.

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30 year old Catalan from Barcelona, living in The Netherlands. After 10 years working in the hospitality industry, I decided to do a career switch and I'm currently studying a bachelor in International Music Management. My main interests in life are music, yoga, spirituality, foreign languages, and vegan food!

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