Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn – Ryo

It’s not the first time that Dutch DJ and producer Joris Voorn is dedicating a song to his child. His most successful record on Spotify, ‘Ringo’, was dedicated to his first born, and is the prequel to his new single ‘Ryo’.

“The optimistic and positive nature of the melodies suit him very well. I created the melodies when playing around with my new Prophet-6 synthesizer. The quick 1.5-minute stereo recording of the synthesizer became the basis of the song. I tried replaying the synth pattern many times afterward but wasn’t able to recreate the same feeling, so I had to use that very first recording to make the final version of the song. Since the day I played ‘Ryo’ in my sets, a bit less than two years ago, many people have asked me about the song, so I’m happy it’s finally out there!” says Joris in a recent interview.

‘Ryo’ was released on May 10th 2019, after being worked on for about two years, and is dedicated to his second son Ryoma, who helped finish the track with Joris. ‘Ryo’ is part of the ‘Ryo’ EP which includes an additional bonus track by Joris Voorn, ‘Noa’, along with an Edit of the main track ‘Ryo’.

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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