Karel Ullner, DJ Braj

Karel Ullner, DJ Braj – Free Spirit

Karel Ullner from Finland and DJ Braj from India, are a DJ/producer duo, based in New York City and they are bringing us some fresh house beats in their latest release ‘Free Spirit’. They bonded over their passion for Metal and Dance music and out of that an amazing collaboration came, the remix for Karel & XoJani‘s ‘Dancing’, which was featured on Billboard’s Dance Chart at 20th place in 2018.

‘Free Spirit’ is the first single release of 2019 for the duo and is a really nice deep house/trance crossover. The track was inspired by the music that they listened to during their late night liquor runs and influenced by major artists like Above & Beyond, Deadmau5 and CamelPhat. The release is instrumental and brings us highly energetic beats, combined with powerful bass and takes you on a mysterious journey with its remarkable melody. You can definitely hear the trance elements and how they go really well together with the deep house bass line of the release.

Karel Ulner and DJ Braj are bringing us a new sound experience and offer a lot potential, that is yet to be heard in their following releases. For more of their music you can follow them on SoundCloud and check out DJBraj’s Radio, where he regularly plays unreleased material, his favourite tracks and features different DJs and producers from all over the world.

Stream ‘Free Spirit’ below:


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