Kaskade & Gorgon City – Go Slow (ft. ROMÉO)

We’ve reached a point in the music industry where there are almost no collaboration that can surprise us. Nowadays, artists from even extremely different genres come together in the studio. However, even though this collaboration does not come as a huge surprise, the origins certainly do.

Recently, a fan suggested on Twitter that the legend Kaskade and London-based producers Gorgon City should work together. What came as a typical social media comment ended becoming a reality. After some time, the pair have now finished the project with the song being titled ‘Go Slow‘, which is also featuring vocals from American singer ROMÉO. This curious track is one of the songs composing Kaskade’s new Redux 003, which as it happened last year, will be an 18-track album. The song is set to be released today on both Kaskade’s label Arkade and the UMG-owned label Astralwerks.

The track is a true house masterpiece. Together, they have combined a multitude of different sounds that fit together perfectly. Starting with a chilled atmosphere, the track goes on adding a hip beat and groovy melodies all accompanied by the tremendously smooth vocals from the talented Roméo. The relaxed and summer vibes that the song transmits is suddenly broken by an astonishingly powerful and metallic drop lead by a catchy fat chunky bass that blows your mind away. This peculiar tune shows a unique contrast between relax and euphoria and it’s one of those tunes that gets into your mind and never goes away.

It’s amazing how a simple tweet has lead to such an amazing result. If artists are determined to listen to fans’ requests and make them happy by releasing songs as good as this one, watch out, cause there will surely be a Twitter revolution!

Listen to ‘Go Slow’ below:

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