Lyonbrotherz x Greenskiez – Hit The Floor

Some months ago We Rave You presented the fast-rising upcoming German duo Lyonbrotherz who are starting to break through the current electronic music scene with their unique O’n’B genre.

Daniel and Keven Lyon have been tirelessly working on different and exciting projects while coming up with a much more perfectly-mastered sound, as seen on the duo’s release ‘Liberty‘. However, it was on Circles, the former collaboration with their good friends Greenskiez, where we could feel the group’s true spirit, enjoying of a contagious and energetic rhythm. Following the success of their first track together, the two ‘cousins in blood but brothers in music’ decided to join forces with Greenskiez once more with their newest project named ‘Hit The Floor‘, which is out now on Lyonbrotherz’s own label League of Lyons.

Even though ‘Hit The Floor’ has the same energetic soul as ‘Circles’, the song is completely different at its core, distancing a little bit from the big room electro house sound and showcasing a more trap-dubstep genre. This change was risky and surprising at the same time, showing the great producing skills and versatility of the artists that provide a perfectly balanced and mixed song. This catchy tune presents a powerful bassline followed by a purposely placed and insisting transposed vocal “Drop It” that goes end-to-end being present all time and accompanying the full instrumental song that wisely provokes an undeniable bouncy effect that gives a lot of room to the drop as well.

Great and impressive work by the German producers, who are step by step becoming bigger and better. Let’s not lose sight of them because soon their tracks could soon be heard at some of the best international festivals.

Listen to ‘Hit the Floor’ by Lyonbrotherz & Greenskiez below.

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