Nicky Romero & ZROQ’s ‘WTF!?’ turns 7 years old

The year was 2012 and the world electronic music scene was going through one of its most mainstream moments of all time. The once avant-garde genres, such as house, techno and trance, gave way to a new fever with major shifts in sound. More commercial sounds popped up in the electronic market, mixing elements of all others genres and creating something completely new and Dutch DJ and Producer Nicky Romero was one of the greats responsible for all this musical revolution.

This new “EDM” was beginning to gain strength with several faces and Romero’s track ‘WTF!?‘, in collaboration with ZROQ, brought the remarkable characteristics of what we would call complextro; akin to an earlier version of what would today be known as Bass House with a serving of dubstep. A blend of the classic elements of house (kick, cymbals, hi-hat), melodies with well-marked pianos and an acidic synth in the drop and bass-work with cognizable reggaeton influences which complete the structure of the track.

Released on Protocol Recordings, the track was one of the great successes of the time. Today, it turns 7 years old. Much has happened since then, and Nicky Romero, as well as the whole electronic music scene, has undergone a stream of changes, approaching new musical features, leaving these earlier elements behind and adopting modern and more innovative sounds. Let’s miss the year 2012 and remember the track ‘WTF!?’ by Nicky Romero & ZROQ.