TIM PLVNK – I Just Want You

Check out young German DJ TIM PLVNK’s new track, “I Just Want You” which he drops as his second single, following his April release of “Echo.” The track features a smooth flowing tune with a nice drum kicking progression that will have listeners moving throughout clubs in Europe.

Tim is a German producer, marketing manager, and DJ that grew up in Spain, only to return to Germany in his adolescent years. He immediately began taking drum lessons at a young age, and as his mastery for the instrument grew, his passion for music and creating beats lead him to pursue becoming a professional DJ. As a teenager, Tim was the host of crazy underground music parties in buildings under construction throughout Germany. It was only after this phase that Tim would seriously consider pursuing music, and although his early music career has been filled with trials and tribulations, his love for electronic music has led to the establishment of his new project, TIM PLVNK.

In his new project, Tim aims to release a track every month for the next year, and with two tracks already released; listeners have something to look forward to for the rest of 2019. It will be interesting to watch the German international’s progression as an artist while maintaining that he wishes to be independent of labels and the negative aspects of the music industry.