Riot Ten – Hype Or Die: Sun City EP

Riot Ten has returned with a brand new hip-hop and dubstep infused EP, “Hype Or Die: Sun City”. The EP just dropped on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak records, making up the fourth part of his “Hype or Die” project. It is sure to further his successes, following on from his recent single “Rail Breaker” which featured in Beatport’s Dubstep Top Ten for more than half a year.

“Hype Or Die: Sun City” consists of 6 pulsating tracks, including many collaborations. The sheer number of artists on this EP is a testament to Riot Ten’s versatility, featuring the likes of Basstrick, Throwdown and Foreign Suspects among others. The American DJ/Producer hits hard from the start with the aggressive, robotic bass of “Los Pinches“. He continues relentlessly with “Ain’t Scared” and “ShutYaMouth” but finishes with the calmer “Sun City” providing a fitting end to what is a distinguished EP.

This is not the only project Riot Ten has been working tirelessly on. He is set to push his own boundaries further, hosting his very own music festival later this month in El Paso, Texas on the 31st May. The lineup is already brimming with talent, boasting Bonnie & Clyde, PhaseOne and Riot Ten himself.

Before that though, make sure to check out the EP below!

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