Steve Aoki & Monsta X – Play It Cool (DVBBS Remix)

K-pop (Korean pop music) didn’t stop at conquering just Asia, it quickly found a way to become a global phenomenon, gaining massive popularity all around the world. Consequently, it was just a matter of time before it sneaked into the world of electronic music as well. And who else could have introduced the idolized boy-bands relying heavily on their super complex dance choreography and high-profile production, than one of the most prominent DJ/producer and constant reformers of EDM, Steve Aoki.

Aoki never stops evolving and delivering his surprising creations. It seems like he has jumped on the K-pop wagon lately and not ready to leave yet. He released a few collaborations with chart-topping K-pop band, called BTS and now he joined forces with MONSTA X  to release ‘Play It Cool’. The song is on the commercial side of the field, but we all know that it only takes a good remix and it’s ready for the mainstage.

This time the Canadian brothers, Chris and Alex A.K.A. DVBBS saw the fantasy in the track, giving it a new progressive twist and turning it into a more festival-friendly hit. DVBBS’ breakthrough in the industry was in 2013 when there were barely any clubs that didn’t play their banger ‘Tsunami’. Since then, their name appears on most of the festival line-ups and they don’t spare us with quality content either; earlier this month their new release with BRIDGE seen the light of the day, but they are also familiar with Aoki, thanks to working together in 2017 on the track ‘Without U’ featuring 2 Chainz.

Do you think K-pop is here to stay for more EDM collaborations? Let us know! And check out the DVBBS remix below!

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