Steve Aoki works with NEOU app for Aoki Bootcamp

Staying fit and healthy is something very important to a lot of DJs, but hectic tour schedules and constant long sessions in the studio (as well as everything in between) means that this can leave little time for gym sessions but thankfully Steve Aoki has the perfect solution.

Always trying to keep on top of his fitness game – stating that he would work out wherever he is such as green rooms, hotel rooms or backstage at festivals and use CrossFit at home  – Steve Aoki is someone who is very open with his workouts, always posting on social media about staying fit, and now he is offering the chance to join in with him.

Joining forces with the fitness app NEOU, Steve has created workouts that are simple yet effective. Focusing on body weight, the workouts feature Steve Aoki alongside a certified personal trainer and are fittingly all done to his own music. These workouts require no special equipment, just you and your smartphone, but it is worth noting that the app costs money for a subscription ($12.99 per month or $99.99 per year).

To download the app on the App Store or Google Play and check out Aoki Bootcamp, click here.

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