BREAKING: Ultra Music Festival terminates contract with City of Miami

Ultra Music Festival is one of the best and most popular EDM festivals around. Starting way back in 1999, the festival has boasted years of incredible and diverse dance music lineups, with fans flocking to the states from all over the world every year, and Miami has served as the beautiful location for the past two decades.

Last year in September, Ultra ran into trouble when the Miami City commission ultimately voted to deny the festival’s application for a new contract at the iconic home of Bayfront Park which posed a threat for the brand. Weighing up their options, Ultra announced that they would stay in Miami but would have a new home at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium Flex Park, which received mixed reactions among the avid festival goers but was promised to create a better experience for all attendees.

When this years edition of the festival ended, over 20,000 fans took a survey made it clear that the event and new home did not live up to their high standards and now, in a shocking turn of events, Ultra Music Festival has decided to voluntarily terminate their City of Miami contract. In an official announcement letter, the brand announced that they are currently finalizing a South Florida location which will serve as the new permanent home for the festival and promise that they will deliver an incredible experience for loyal fans.


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