Van Halen – Jump (Armin van Buuren Remix)

You might not think Armin van Buuren and Van Halen have a lot in common, aside from both having “Van” in their name and being of Dutch origin of course, so it was something of a surprise when trance’s leading man announced he’d teamed up with lead singer of the band David Lee Roth for a remix of their 1983 hit ‘Jump.

It kind of makes sense on paper, with the original being best known for it’s jumpy detuned saw-riff, a sound that would become the mainstay of trance some 10-15 years later when Roland invented the now-standard “supersaw” sound. It’s a facet that Armin has expanded on, with the famous riff, not to mention Roth’s powerful vocal efforts forming the centre-piece of the remix. On top of that, Armin has done a stellar job of taking the uplifting feel of the original track and melding it into a mix of trance and future house that has festival main-stages written all over it. Indeed, he already gave it a good run out at Ultra Music Festival back in March, where Armin was joined by David Lee Roth himself as something of a hype-man for what was widely praised as one of Armin’s best live sets to date.

The remix is available to listen in full below, and is also streaming across all the usual services.