WildVibes & Martin Miller ft. Arild Aas – All I Ever Wanted

Discussion around the dance community often claims ‘progressive is dead’. But WildVibes, Martin Miller and Arild Aas beg to differ with their new heartfelt track ‘All I Ever Wanted’. The new Eonity single is a sequel to the trio’s first progressive hit ‘Far from You’ . WildVibes, Martin Miller & Arild Aas bring a story of heartbreak in this track with a mix of soothing acoustics, heart pounding synths and of course a hefty kick drum. Aas’ vocals supply the tune with symphonic depth with heartfelt lyrics that tugs at your heart strings.

Wouter Postelman’s (WildVibes) explained the story behind ‘All I Ever Wanted’ and mentioned the tale of an emotional struggle:

“It all started with my track ‘Far from You’. I made this track last year when studying at the Herman Brood Academy and I missed my girlfriend a lot during the year. After that ‘You and Me’ came out. Now I’m back in my hometown in Belgium,  ‘All I Ever Wanted’ has been released. So, it’s a real-life story and the next chapter of my life.”

Eonity’s label prides itself on bringing emotion to their listeners. To listen to more from Eonity, click here.

Listen to ‘All I Ever Wanted’ below:

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