Alesso releases moving music video for fresh track ‘Sad Song’ feat. Tini

Last Friday, electronic dance music all-star Alesso released his most fresh track titled ‘Sad Song’ featuring Argentinian vocalist Tini. Not even a week has passed since its official debut, and the Swedish producer has already unveiled the track’s stunning music video. Featuring a lively wave of emotions, the moving music video is everything we expected and more.

Tini acts as the main focal point of the video, as her expressive vocals and storyline showcase what the track’s lyrics are all about. At first, she appears trapped inside of a dark place, one in which she feels heartbroken. As the music video progresses, she moves into a more colourful mindset full of liveliness in which she finally overcomes her feelings. As soon as she finds herself whole again, she encounters Alesso’s character in the video but rightfully chooses to leave him trapped in that dark and hopeless place that he put her in, to begin with.

With its powerful message, the ‘Sad Song’ official music video is truly a beautiful masterpiece. Both the track and the video embody the diversified musical portfolio of Alesso, focusing on a more pop-infused electronic sound. His latest collaboration with Tini dives into a new realm of production, and we’re thrilled that he released an inspiring music video to go along with it!