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Alle Farben unveils his 3rd album ‘Sticker On My Suitcase’

German-born and raised dance pop DJ/producer, Frans Zimmer better known by his stage name, Alle Farben, provides us with an ultimate summer playlist on his new album named ‘Sticker On My Suitcase’. It is Alle’s third studio album, and the 18 tracks were inspired by the tour life musicians have to go through and delivers a message that traveling is not only about the destination – the journey there matters just as much.

After graduating from high school, Frans wanted to go to an art university and even though he struggled to get admitted, he never stopped pursuing his passion in arts and turned to music so that he could express his creative side. Primarily he put together mixtapes that were uploaded to his SoundCloud channel and eventually got noticed – first in Germany. After a few gigs in his home country, he gained access to better equipment and resources that opened the gate for him to the universe of electronic dance music production. His catchy tunes soon found a way to dominate the radio charts all over the world and made it possible to establish his name in the music industry while attending prestigious festivals like Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Sziget Festival and Parookaville.

The name Alle Farben is directly translated from German refers to  “all colors”, and the internationally successful DJ definitely lives up to that. He shows us different shades of his identity through his varied music style and not afraid to cross the boundaries of different genres, or collaborating with live musicians and vocalists at his shows and making his unusual performing venues become a reality (like playing above the clouds, on a flight). His new album also supports this trend. Among the 18 tracks we can find his brand new single “Different For Us”, alongside with the tech-influenced track “The Sad Cat”,  the deep-house inspired “Sramanora”, and songs that might sound familiar as he included some already released hits that we already know the lyrics to, like “Little Hollywood”, “Only Thing We Know” or “Fading” that is featured on Ibiza’s Top 10 most Shazamed playlist.

Make sure you catch him this summer season at one of the festivals (you can find his name between the artists of the line-up of Parookaville, Beats For Love, Balaton Sound Festival) or you even have the opportunity to see him on tour and be part of the positive atmosphere created by his uplifting music.


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