Apple Music hits momentous 60 Million subscribers

Music lovers fit into one of two categories: an Apple Music subscriber or a Spotify subscriber, and the battle between the two streaming platforms is ever-growing. Although Spotify launched in 2008 and Apple Music launched in 2015, Apple Music currently has more American subscribers (at the time of writing) and the streaming platform has just reached a massive 60 million subscribers after reaching 50 million only back in April. This news comes from an interview with senior Apple vice president Eddy Cue – conducted by French news site Numerama – where he explained his reasoning for the growth of the platform, believing that the simple features such as playlists curated by radio programmers, lists of future releases of the week and negotiating exclusive deals allow the platform to grow more and draws people in with the promise of exclusivity.

In the interview, Eddy Cue also talked about the death of iTunes:

“I worked so much on iTunes and Apple Music, I’m biased! Of course I’m fond of iTunes, but I think Apple Music is absolutely better in every way. We have something better now and there is no point in looking back”.

With the removal of iTunes, this means the streaming service has even more room to grow as it doesn’t have to compete with the service that has been a staple across Apple products since 2001.

With all this in mind, Spotify is growing just as much. With a massive 100 million subscribers as of right now, Spotify currently comes up on top of the two platforms but it won’t be long until Apple Music catches up.Apple Spotify Yahoo Finance

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