Martin Garrix & Messi

Area21’s ‘We Did It’ used in FC Barcelona’s new video

FC Barcelona just premiered the video where they revealed their new checkerboard patterned team kit, featuring a 2017 release ‘We Did It‘ by the dance duo Area21 (Martin Garrix and Maejor).

Both, the jersey and the video are a homage to Barcelona. The new sport kit is now patterned with square rather than the former stripes and a triangle with the colours of the Catalan flag at the neckline, it was inspired by the Eixample, the urbanistic grid of square blocks that is the core of downtown Barcelona.

Here is what Barça player Gerard Piqué says about the new jersey:

 “It might be different but it is 100 per cent Barca and it is even better that the design represents the bond the club has with the supporters and the people who are driving the city forward.”

In the video we can see many important people from Barcelona, including Catalan drummer Marc Ayza, trap band SamxSen, scientists Laura Soucek and Marie Beaulie, researcher Diana Ballart, artist Albert Barqué, young chef Carlota Claver, photographer Berta Vicente, model Candela Capitán and of course the Barça players. Next to the amazing production of the video, the music really sets an exciting atmosphere and contributes to the powerful impact that the clip has.

You can check out the video below and listen to the full version of ‘We Did It’ by Area21 here.



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