ATB Dedicated

ATB classic ‘9 PM (Till I Come)’ turns 20 years old

There are a handful of tracks that will forever be known as what defined dance music forever and what truly put it on the radar and the nineties was a massive era for that. Responsible for one of those tracks was German DJ André Tanneberger, better known by his stage name ATB. Starting his solo career in 1998 after being active in a dance music group since 1993, it would only take one year into his solo career to create one of the most important and timeless tracks in dance music history.

For a lot of people, ‘9 PM, (Till I Come)’ holds a special place in their hearts. Encapsulating the glory days of nineties dance perfectly, the track had – and still has – an irresistible charm that made it instantly like-able upon release. Dominating the charts in the UK, ‘9 PM (Till I Come)’ soared straight to the number one spot and managed to hold it for two straight weeks becoming the fifth best-selling track in the UK of that year and also held the number one spot in Ireland for four weeks. The track features hypnotic vocals from Yolanda Rivera and was the debut single of the ATB project and truly helped to put his name on the map.

Can you remember where you were when you first heard this fantastic track? Go on a nostalgia trip and stream the track below!

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