Avicii classic ‘Superlove’ turns 7 years old

When the name ‘Avicii‘ is used in any sentence, thoughts will – naturally – ping towards the Swede’s biggest hits, such as the iconic ‘Levels’ or massive commercial smash ‘Wake Me Up‘. However, before the release of his ‘True’ album in 2013, Avicii was consistently putting out some of the biggest electro-tinged dance records ever made, none more so than ‘Superlove‘ which was released on this day in 2012.

Now turning a full 7 years old, the track – made in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz – was also accompanied by a wacky official video (below), and instantly became a firm fans’ favourite in the pantheon of great Avicii hits during a time when the baby-faced Swede was still continuing his meteoric rise thanks to tracks like ‘Alcoholic’, ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘New New New.’

Still as timeless as ever, ‘Superlove’ sounds ‘superfresh’ in 2019, so be sure to take a trip down nostalgia avenue by checking it out below:

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